Who is The Irreverent Reverend?

I'm Denise Luper, aka Neecy, Mom, Aunt Neecy, and when we want to be really silly and playful, Rev. Dr. Denise Luper, a United Methodist Pastor.   I like crossing bridges, but not burning them.  I'm adventurous, and sometimes run with scissors.


... yes, and ...

I'm also a woman of action.  I fall on my face, I drop the ball, I circle the drain, and I miss the mark ... but I also get up, and bounce back.   

 I am resilient.  (Or, more like "resilienting.")

This is part of my true self.  I give thanks to God for this gift of grace.  And I give thanks to God for wounds ... the wounds of life ... sacred wounds.  As Helen Reddy would say, "Yes, I am wise, but it's wisdom born of pain."


The True Self

Sometimes we have to look back in order to look forward ... look inward in order to look outward.  We start by looking at ourselves.

This requires removing our smile-on-a-stick.  This requires a certain amount of vulnerability.  This requires trust that is the fruit of authentic relationships. 

Why Irreverent?

Just bein' real.  Just bein' authentic.  Not everything in life is the way it should be, or the way it appears, or the way we expect it to be.  Sometimes you just can't pretend.  Sometimes you just can't "tow the line."  And, every once in a while, you just have to call it as you see it.  

So let's be real with each other ... and real with ourselves as well.  


Let's journey down the path of irreverence together, shall we?